When clients rock…

We’ve got some awesome clients.  Really, we do.  One of ’em just finished this very website (and I think I’ll eventually stop bringing that into every blog post I write.)  webmeadow was a client of ours in early 2007 – and we continue to do a bit of consulting work with them as needed.  It started out as naming work and expanded a bit into brand strategy and positioning.

Without giving away the whole of what we recommended, we did have many talks about how to get the personality of the leadership out in front of the brand.  The company is about more than ‘just’ solar-powered servers and shouldn’t just shout “GREEN” from the treetops.  People want to know about more than message.  They want a genuine connection with a real person.

Today I surfed by their website and found this little tidbit on their blog:

You may also remember felting from its starring role in the smash hit,
“Oh my god, I put my favorite sweater in the wash and now it fits my

Yes.  They said “felting.”  As in creating felt.  I’m thinkin’ that they’re not having any troubles showing that they’re real people.  (Do you know any fake people that would talk about felting?)

If you ask nicely they may include a couple “pope-hats” with your next website order.  Or maybe a spare duck.

Because that’s how they roll. 


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