Shelf-Crowding 101 – The obligatory “We Won! We Won!” post.

Though the title of the post and gratuitous statuette shot may have stolen a bit of this introductory sentence’s thunder, we did indeed win. Six times, in fact. In the just announced 2012 MarCom Awards our Stokefire crew was recognized in categories including web design, ad campaign, billboard, brochure, and logo. We want to send a huge ‘THANK YOU” to the courageous clients that let us do the sort of work that gets our own industry’s pros and our client’s competitors to consistently say things like, “[Censored]! Why didn’t we think of that?”

While we’re not above a wiseass comment now and again, we’re not going to answer their likely rhetorical question by putting one here. Because we’re in a pretty good mood, all things considered.

So, too, are the clients that challenged us to do the great work, and in some cases hesitantly (or, “against our better judgment”) approved some daring concepts (after some brutally difficult and heated discussions) that have now been validated by the markets and even the benevolent overlords who decide whether stuff is worthy of shiny statuettes and fancy certificates.

Here’s a quick list of our most recent award winners, with links to their (mostly not designed by Stokefire) websites where available.

In other tangentially related news, it’s 5:00 somewhere!

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  1. Florence Webb says:

    Yay Stokefire! To think I knew you when…

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