Tutorial: How to Win April Fool’s Day

Step 1. 

Determine your victim. 

Step 2.

Acquire large amounts of aluminum foil and surreptitiously pack it in your briefcase. Slink into the office early and unnoticed.  

Step 3.

Cover your victim’s workspace in aluminum foil. Be thorough. You will be sure to get a raise or even a promotion if you demonstrate extensive attention to detail by covering every paper clip, pencil, and individual post it note.  Extra credit if you cover the individual leaves on the potted plant or any dirty dishes left haphazardly lying around.

Step 4. 

Write an “official” note from the “management” that demonstrates that this is a company sanctioned procedure so that the victim will be appreciative of the time and expense exerted on their behalf. This is as method proven to elevate company morale and they will most certainly comply with a chuckle.

 Step 5. 


Step 6.  

Watch your back.

Problem Resolved

April Fools attention to detail

One Response to “Tutorial: How to Win April Fool’s Day”

  1. pete says:

    Maybe for next year, you oughta get Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil to be your client? Couple days before 4/1, you get this prank out so we can all plan accordingly? Thanks for the plan for 2015!

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