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Happenings in advertising, branding and design

Finding The Common Link: Commonred Wants To Take The Awkward Out Of Networking (via TechCrunch)

Why Silicon Valley Can’t Sell Or, why luring big brands to platforms is its next big problem (via AdWeek)

Listen Up, Morons. Kenny Powers Is Now the CEO of K-Swiss (via AdWeek)

Levis new campaign: Go Forth in Berlin, includes street murals, a screen printing workshop, and a limited edition newspaper. (via The Inspiration Room)

Splashy Museum:  The National Maritime Museum (NMN) in Greenwich, England, one of the largest museums in the world on this theme and one of the most popular attractions in the UK, unveils a new brand. (via Brand New)

Supradyn for Challenged Eyes: “Without energy everything feels harder.” Campaign for Supradyn vitamin tablets won Silver Press Lion @ Cannes Int. Festival of Creativity. (via The Inspiration Room)

Bitmaps are so 2011: the internets were abuzz with mixed reviews about the new TechCrunch logo. How do you all feel about the new bitmap-inspired logo? (via Brand New)

SunSmart Cancer Council Western Australia: Clever interactive advertising giving out free 30+ sunscreen – “Cutting your sun exposure is easier than cutting out a skin cancer.” (via Ads of the World)

Dear Netflix, no thanks. (via make the logo bigger)

Breath Bird: New Twitter Client Lets Handicapped Users Tweet With Their Breath (via TechCrunch)

Mighty Artline Alters The Everyday: campaign for Mighty Artline: “Out of awareness comes change. The campaign is there to provoke thought, and show how a few strokes of the right Artline pen can lead to powerful expression, and ultimately change. Philosophical and deep indeed. The owls are not what they seem.” (via The Inspiration Room)

Simplicity wins yet again: Great campaign for Pasaka Cinema Theater. (via Ads of the World)

Happenings in advertising, branding and design

Due to power woes, ‘Super Cool Biz,’ a campaign launched by the Ministry of Environment in Japan, requires office buildings to reduce energy consumption by at least 15%.  (via Matador Network)

Like It or Unfriend It: there you have it, what America’s FB wall would have looked like on her birthday… (via NY Times)

Nice, simple logo for Royalty speed-shop by Greg Cuellar. (via Designspiration)

Attack of the Red Gradient: EDP (Energias de Portugal), the largest electricity and energy company in Portugal, unveiled a new identity designed by Sagmeister Inc. (via Brand New)

Apple Obtains U.S. Trademark For ’280′. Wait, What? (via Techcrunch)

Twitter founder Biz leaves Twitter for secret new project (via Matador Network)

Mekanism put four “friends” in a camper and sent them on a road trip through the US with nothing but a gas card and new Samsung SH100 digital cameras. (via AdPulp)

A guerrilla campaign that proves that even traditional advertising can go “viral”. To celebrate a “baby boom” of animals, the Zoo placed removable animal stickers on posters across the city. Anyone could remove the stickers of baby giraffes, penguins, parrots and other animals, and place them elsewhere. (via Adverblog)

VW uses beam-splitting techniques which at first glance may look fake, but the making-of video exposes just how real they are. (via AdWeek)

Artsy Animated GIFs Show Beer-Making Process: Dogfish Head teamed up with “cinemagraph”-makers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg to document the process of creating their new gluten-free brew. (via Fast Co.Design)

Tassimo Brews Brand New Blend: Agreed, a definite improvement over their previous logo…Tassimo’s new look was designed by Turner Duckworth. (via Brand New)

Happenings in advertising, branding and design

Graphic labels to appear on all tobacco products, so people are asking: “Where are the graphic warning labels for junk food?” (via Make the logo better)

Time to Gogo? Gogo, an inflight Wi-Fi hotspot service, offered by Aircell releases official new logo (via Brand New)

Branding Is About Creating Patterns, Not Repeating Messages: Marc Shillum argues that branding lies in creating patterns that add up to a whole, rather than a single, monolithic message. (via Fast Co. Design)

New commercial for Carl’s Jr.: If machines can’t eat it, machines shouldn’t make it (via AdWeek)

Cannes 2011: Final Winners and Post-Festival Thoughts: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam picks up Film Grand Prix for Write The Future spot for Nike. (via Creative Review)

Shortmail: trying to fix our email woes with, a service the Baltimore-based company considers the Twitter of email. (via Fast Company)

Happy 4th Anniversary, iPhone: Four years ago, Apple released the original iPhone. (via Mashable)

Nokia N8 Contest: J.W. Griffiths wins the Nokia Shorts 2011 Competition for Splitscreen: A Love Story! (via AdWeek)

Lego – Imagine. This is how you truly integrate your ad INTO its’ environment  (via Ads of the World)

Google turns fire on Facebook (again) with ad-friendly Google+: According to Google engineering V-P Vic Gundotra current online sharing (ie Facebook) is “awkward” and “broken” and Google aims to “fix it.” (via More About Advertising)

AT&T “The Last Text”, a road safety advertising campaign, wins a Silver Integrated Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2011. (via The Inspiration Room)

New Greenpeace campaign – Volkswagen The Dark Side: “Volkswagen opposes key European laws that we need if we’re going to save our planet from climate change. All is not lost. We feel the good in Volkswagen.” (via I believe in Advertising)

Justin Timberlake to take a “major role” in the new direction of Myspace after he emerged as one of those behind deal for the ailing social network. (via PSFK)

President @BarackObama to hold first @TownHall on @Twitter next week (via Tech Crunch)

Colorful Insurance: FBTO, one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands, introduces new identity designed by Amsterdam-based VBAT and a new online and offline campaign created by agencies Qi and ONLY. (via Brand New)

All Good Bananas: Listen To Your Conscience: All Good Fair-trade bananas uses new audio-spotlight device to simulate voice of conscience  (via I believe in Advertising)


Happenings in advertising, branding and design

Tok&Stok – the little business card that could: To allude to their easy to assemble furniture, the brand launched the business card that converts into a little chair. (via Ads of the World)

Facebook Launches First Agency-Designed Ad Unit With Allstate, Hallmark – Unit Designed to Be a Conversation-Starting Question. (via Ad Age)

Genius use of white space in this Citroen C-Zero ad: 100% Electric (via I believe in Advertising)

Diesel Makes Facebook Look Like Excel, so You Can Slack Off at Work  (via Ad Week)

The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam introduces a new, clean identity designed by Amsterdam-based Koeweiden Postma. (via Brand New)

The results are out for the 2011 Cannes PR Lions, honoring the creative use of reputation management by the building and preservation of trust and understanding between individuals, businesses or organizations and their publics. (via The Inspiration Room)

Lytro: The $50M Tech That May Change Photography Forever (via Fast Company)

Facebook’s Journey From Founding to IPO- the company’s journey from dorm room to Silicon Valley (via Mashable)

Did you know? Bioplastics are an environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastics ?Well, Cereplast, a California-based company that designs and manufactures proprietary starch-based, sustainable plastics thought they needed a logo…so they held a contest…this is what happened! (via Brand New)

Presidential Car Wash – Rhett & Link bum-rush IFC with the world’s most horrible rap (via Ad Week)

Target: Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular – who else could pull of a  fashion show using all 18 stories of the hotel’s windows providing a 20-minute light, sound and dance spectacle (via Ads of the World)

Here is some food for thought: Every day we get up and go through the motions. The usual, the grind, the routine. Do we need to spend more time actually “seeing” the world around us? (via How Design. Parse)

Nice simple idea – Want to get people to use the public garbage cans, instead of just littering the streets? Some cities introduces hefty fines and tell the police to “do something about it.” Other cities, like the City of Lucern (Switzerland), encourages you to have fun. (via Baekdal)

Chicago’s Digital Kitchen Earns Design Grand Prix for Digitizing Hotel Interior (via Ad Week)


Happenings in advertising, branding and design

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys: The Fantastic Real Life Adventures of Advertising Genius David Ogilvy By João Maio Pinto (via AdWeek)

When Rival Brands Swap Logos – a project from logo designer Graham Smith (via AdWeek)

Apple (currently valued at roughly $301 billion) Now Worth As Much As Microsoft, HP And Dell … Combined (via Tech Crunch)

Der Spiegel: Different points of view shape a better picture. By examining every angle of each story Der Spiegel is qualified to give its readers a clearer, balanced insight to the themes and events that shape Germany and the world. (via Ads of the World)

Infographic Of The Day: Facebook Is The McDonald’s Of Social Networking – updated map by Information designer Vincenzo Cosenza (via Fast Co. Design)

Aricent, a “global innovation and technology services company that helps clients to imagine, commercialize, and evolve products and services for the connected world”, announced a new brand positioning (via Brand New)

Klout Expands Influence Scoring To Professional Social Network LinkedIn (via Tech Crunch)

Shazam’s Second Act: Unleashing TV Content Online (via Fast Company)

Six-Word Stories – After creating a year’s worth of 6-word stories, designer Anne Ulke & writer Van Horgan are looking to other creatives to keep this project going: Six Word Story Every Day (SWSED) is a daily storytelling exploration through language & typography. (via How Design)

D is for Design and Dots: Nice new identity for the Design Museum Boston (DMB) – a nonprofit organization that “envisions creative, engaging public art and design education for Boston and New England.” (via Brand New)

Amnesty International campaign: Signatures can be as powerful as bullets – Join Amnesty International in the fight against death penalty. (via Ads of the World)

McDonald’s Hoax: “As an insurance measure, due in part to a recent string of robberies, African-American customers are now required to pay an additional fee of $1.50 per transaction,” read the sign captured in a photo and Tweeted to the cosmos last weekend. #SeriouslyMcDonald’s ? (via Dim Bulb)

A New Brand Identity for Spanish Airports: Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegacion Aerea (its friends call it Aena) has launched aena aeropuertos – a new organization with a new identity (via Brand Culture)

Milliken Goes Soft: Milliken, a South Carolina-based “innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives” gets a new identity designed by SALT Branding. (via Brand New)

To Hell With Ads at Cannes: StrawberryFrog, an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, New York and Sao Paulo, is running a seminar at Cannes Lions International Festival, “To Hell with Ads, Spark a Movement”, on June 21. It will look at how the advent of social media, the global recession and the introduction of new technologies have radically altered the marketing landscape in favor of cultural movement marketing. (via The Inspiration Room)


Happenings in advertising, branding and design


Playable & Recordable Google Doodle Honors Guitar Great Les Paul (via Mashable)

Steve Jobs announced: “We’re going to move your hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud.” (via Fast Company)

Greenpeace: Ken breaks up with Barbie – watch the exclusive interview with Ken about Barbie in which he is confronted with Barbie’s scandalous deforestation habit. (via Creative Criminals)

Newswordy, a is growing collection of news media buzzwords and their use (and misuse).  (via Swiss Miss)

Facebook Turns On Facial Recognition For Tagging By Default (via Mashable)

Puro Faitrade Coffee: Make yourself more useful. Have a coffee break. (via I believe in Advertising)

Hear the beat of the city with the 3M Noise Cancelling Headphones: London, Moscow, New York, Shanghai  (via I believe in Advertising)

3M’s Visual Impact Scanner Knows What Your Eyes Want (via Fast Company)

Designer Fog: New identity for San Francisco Design Week (SFDW) designed by Salt Branding (via Brand New)

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Happenings in advertising, branding and design


Steve Jobs to announce the official release of the keenly anticipated cloud services effort, iCloud, that will most certainly snag the biggest spotlight at Next Week’s WWDC. (via Fast Company)

The Oona–multi use iphone tool lets you mount your phone on any number of surfaces which will accept a suction cup,and it can mount on a camera stand for using any number of time lapse apps for the iPhone on the market. You can fund the project for $25 and they will send you an Oona once production has begun. After the fund date an Oona can be purchased for $30. (via BLTD)

A Miami Ad School Brooklyn student’s “portfolio class assignment” called Bump a Smoke has gained the attention of big tobacco company Philip Morris, who says they want nothing to do with ‘Bump a Smoke’ (via Media Bistro)

Current Lets its Bold Flag Fly: launched in 2005 by former Vice President Al Gore (before An Inconvenient Truth fame) and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, Current TV was originally a pretty drastic model of programming, featuring user-generated “pods” reflecting a broad range of topics and opinions that lasted anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. (via Brand New)

Total Product Recall for Tobacco Companies: Cancer Council Victoria is challenging the claims of large tobacco companies in Australia with “Total Product Recall”, a television commercial starring comedian John Clarke in the role of a tobacco company head honcho. (via The Inspiration Room)

If Copenhagen is Open…With the Danish capital declaring itself ‘cOPENhagen‘, the city joins ‘I amsterdam’ and ‘LondON’ in the trend for word-within-a-word logotypes. (via Creative Review)

MADvertising: The Economist created an advert back in 2004 that consisted of a billboard with a lightbulb on it – Mad Magazine did a spoof on it… (via Turquoise branding)

Ad of the Day: Intel – A short film about wedding photographers in China wears its pitch well (via Ad Week)

M Opposite W: At the beginning of the year McCann Worldgroup announced the launch of a new identity, designed by Futurebrand, and it has been gradually rolling out this year. (via Brand New)

Amnesty Turn The Page: Amnesty International has been successfully campaigning for the unconditional release of these prisoners for the past 50 years. To celebrate this and raise further awareness of their tireless work, Colenso BBDO Auckland produced an interactive press ad. (via The Inspiration Room)

Honda has launched “The Super Civic Quest,” an online interactive quest, with 30 unique clues and seven unique pieces of custom content launches on the Honda Civic Facebook page. (via The Inspiration Room)

Happenings in advertising, branding and design

And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Is…Getaround! (via TechCrunch)

Be Half Full. If you are having a crazy day (or even a bad one), YOU are in control of how that affects your interactions, whether with coworkers, clients, strangers, family, or the FedEx guy. (via How Parse)

Lemon School, a “creativity school” in Curitiba, Brazil, is running a print advertising campaign featuring amateur uses of creativity, with the tag line, “Don’t waste your creativity”. (via The Inspiration Room)

Check out these guys: One Show Winners for 2011. (via The Inspiration Room)

Moscow Embraces Emoticons (via Brand New)

Loving this “Builders of Tomorrow” print and television advertising campaign for LEGO. (via The Inspiration Room)

Brazil magazine Go Outside ran an integrated advertising campaign using screen wallpapers to encourage people to put a little more outdoors in a life so indoors. (via The Inspiration Room)

McDonald’s ad for the Double Flavor Milkshake – and the Internet is talking. (via Ads of the World)

YouTube Turns 6 Years Old, Daily Views Shoot Up To 3 Billion – 3 Billion. Daily. (via TechCrunch)

Google Unveils Wallet And Offers: An Open Platform For Mobile Payments. (via TechCrunch)

Not Your Parents’ Veterans – nice sleek, new identity for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) (via Brand New)

Blurb: first national print and online campaign, positioning the company as a champion of artistic expression. “Find your book”… (via Communications Arts)


Happenings in advertising, branding and design


Adopt Design Practices into the Research Process: Our learning styles have immediate implications for visual communication and give us insight into the needs of end users. (via HOW Design)

Bing’s Decode with Jay-Z campaign, launched in 2010, was recognized with Gold at the One Show held in New York this last week. (via The Inspiration Room)

The children’s book “Go the F*** to Sleep” hit the No. 1 spot on’s best-seller list. (via Fast Co. Design)

The TEDx Buenos Aires, held in March 2011, was promoted in the streets by 50 taxi drivers (via The Inspiration Room)

30 Crazy Japanese Ads Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and yeah, that’s pretty much all you need to know… (via AdWeek)

Kickstarter’s Biggest Success Ever: Nano Wristbands Raise $1M, Jump To Apple Store (via Fast Co. Design)

Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America (via Tech Crunch)

Like a Virgin: The transformation process away from budget and towards a “full-service” airline and a rename to Virgin Australia. (via Brand New)

Sexy Underwear and Other Russian Beverage-Can Designs. Yes, really! (via AdWeek)

Tjareborg: Sunprime resorts are for adults only – Sure a lot of people wish they could just “cut out” their kids for a few days and relax…(via Ads of the World)

We agree, the weird Cadbury’s dancing monks are a total embarrassment (via AdWeek)

McDonalds Burger Roulette: an app that helps you find the right burger for your mouth? What is this world coming to… (via The Inspiration Room)

The AD Agency Bloodline – see how the “giants” of today came to be (via Luminurture)


Hard work and honesty

Posted by:
Damir Brajdic

What happened to hard work and honesty?

I remember a time when there was honesty in advertising. Seriously!

I cut my teeth in the ad scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s. We had just gotten out of the “image-is-everything” phase of advertising –  this was a time when many clients would plow buckets of cash into the pockets of commercial directors who shot expensive beer lifestyle images and cut them to Phil Collins soundtracks.

Eventually our industry grew up and we started creating ads built on consumer insights – messages that hit a chord with the consumers’ needs. Some agencies did a better job than others, like: BBH, Wieden Kennedy, Goodby Silverstein, Lowe, TBWA\, Leo Burnett, and others (the heyday of CP+B came a bit later).  And more often than not, these insights created art.

These agencies woke up everyday, and worked hard at making and selling the best work they could. They weren’t plotting against each other, even though their livelihood and people’s jobs were based on besting the competition.
They spent their time on making a better product. No one benefited from slander and dirty tricks – it was about the work.

So what happened?

Late last week, I clicked my mouse, Adweek popped open,  and there on the screen was one of the ad industry’s sister companies, Burson-Marsteller.  They, along with Facebook, have launched a dishonest smear campaign* against what I consider one of the better if not best companies in the world, Google.

Google, for those of you who don’t know, has a corporate philosophy of “Do no evil.” I can’t imagine co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin sitting there with the Google team and thinking how do we f*** with Mark Zuckerberg? They are busy with “how can we improve the lives of our consumers?”  Hey, let’s give them a phone that is as good if not better than iPhones (and I am a Steve Jobs fan)…Droid was born.

But those of you who have seen “The Social Network” can believe that Mark Zuckerberg and company are sitting around feeling insecure, still not making any real money for Facebook (unlike Larry and Sergey), plotting and attacking the competition. But they aren’t creating product or innovating, they are planting questionable stories in the media with PR firm Burson-Marsteller, about Google’s social circle.

Facebook executives need to forget about Google, and take their base of 600 million users and maybe one of the world’s best products and develop a strategy of innovation and revenue. Simple hard work.

I can accept that Google and Facebook are in a corporate war, much like Apple and Microsoft, but I cannot accept our industry playing such a dishonest game. I had worked with Burson-Marsteller in Europe when I was a CD at Y&R, and they were a well-respected PR firm. They were an honest and hard working group of very smart people. Oh yeah, back then they were still privately held. It was before WPP bought the Y&R Network, which Burson-Marsteller was a part of.   But I guess over the years, and after several shareholder meetings, they took the philosophy from Gordon Gecko, Michael Douglas’ character in the original Wall Street: “Greed is Good”.  Gecko went to jail, maybe that’s what needs to happen in our industry – people need to go to jail for bad work.

Our industry is tainted enough with a sea of late night infomercials that the consumer thinks defines our business: the 1-800- lawyers, the fat pills, the exercise programs, the so-called “pajama university” programs and the erase-your-debt-forever promises.

We do not need more greed and lazy smear campaigns – we need honest people who like to go to work and do an honest day of work.

*For the details please click on the links to Wired magazine and the Daily Beast, who broke the story.
The Daily Beast – Read the story at this LINK!
Wired magazine – Read the story at this LINK!

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