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Vellum Financial Invests in Stokefire's Branding Expertise

Stokefire provides Vellum's brand script

Alexandria, VA -- August 12, 2009
Vellum Financial has contracted Stokefire Consulting Group to launch its new financial management brand.  Stokefire will work with Vellum to provide name development, logo, tagline, campaign concepts, and additional brand components. With a vision to cultivate proactive communication with its customers, Vellum is committed to building thoughtful connections with customers ... [more]

Entertainment Publications Entertains a New Product Line

Entertainment seeks naming guidance from Stokefire

Alexandria, VA -- July 13, 2009
Entertainment Publications is developing a product for new markets and has retained Stokefire to help evaluate the potential for each of the new names under consideration.  Entertainment specifically requested Stokefire's unique FAINTS analysis - a tool that measures the six key factors that can contribute to the success of every ... [more]
Alexandria, Virginia -- June 25, 2009
Human Services HQ has retained Stokefire Consulting Group, Inc. to provide brand development. Stokefire will apply its highly personalized process, FAINTS, to help the company determine how to adapt their brand.   About Human Services HQ Human Services HQ was founded to provide a simple employee-tracking tool. It cuts down ... [more]

Dr. Florence Webb Appointed Examiner for 2009 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Director of Stokefire Labs to oversee performance excellence of top US companies

Alexandria, VA -- June 22, 2009
Dr. Florence Webb of Stokefire Consulting Group, Inc. located in Alexandria, VA, has been appointed by Dr. Patrick Gallagher, Deputy Director of the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to the 2009 Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  The Award, created by public ... [more]

Stokefire Gets a Dose of Bubbly

A new intern joins the ranks of Thingnamers.

Alexandria, Virginia -- June 12, 2009
Stokefire Consulting Group, Inc. introduces Colleen Dolan as their new summer intern. She joins the team at an exciting time. Stokefire plans on expanding their services to marketing and advertising in addition to providing those taglines and brand names no one forgets.  Dolan comes to Stokefire from The University of ... [more]

Stokefire “iMAGINEs”Alexandria’s Innovation

Linden, Chief Thingnamer, helps ignite Alexandria’s creative businesses

Alexandria, Virginia -- May 14, 2009
The Washington Post recently recognized the important work of iMAGINE Alexandria. Our own Tate Linden, President and Chief Verbal Creative of Stokefire, has played an important role in the group serving as one of iMAGINE’s Directors. Other companies represented on the Board and Directors include Belmont, Inc., Blue Skies, Fox ... [more]

Stokefire’s President, Tate Linden, Plays Key Role in Fueling iMAGINE Alexandria

The Washington Business Journal recognizes a new creative force

Alexandria, Virginia -- April 24, 2009
The Washington Business Journal recently acknowleged iMAGINE Alexandria’s key role in furthering the growth of creative companies in Alexandria, Virginia. iMAGINE Alexandria is a non-profit aimed at promoting a “creative class.” It hopes to develop a facility where businesses can pitch new ideas. The space would also have conference ... [more]

Stokefire Welcomes a New Brander and Account Executive

Eric Frost gets in on the un-same process at Stokefire.

Alexandria, VA -- April 13, 2009
Stokefire is pleased to announce their new hire, Eric Frost, as Account Director. Frost comes to Stokefire ready to handle stuff. He brings considerable experience having worked for several top-notch advertising agencies in the Washington DC region. Frost has worked at Rosenthal Partners, The American Red Cross, The Marcom Group ... [more]
Alexandria, Virginia -- March 1, 2009
Stokefire Consulting Group, Inc. was recently contracted by former Snelling Metro Personnel to manage the design and development of their website. Stokefire is responsible for the company’s new verbal brand as well. Previously Snelling Metro Personnel is now Parker Tide.   Parker Tide is primarily a government contracting company while ... [more]

Stokefire Contributes to Causeworth’s Worthy Mission

Stokefire goes to bat for Team Cause

Alexandria, Virginia -- January 19, 2009
Causeworth Insurance Services selected Stokefire Consulting Group, Inc. to raise awareness of its unique approach to insurance. Stokefire developed the company’s namesake, logo, and tagline. Stokefire has also provided Causeworth with its branding strategy.   Causeworth was founded by Jason M. Jenkins. He was inspired to create Causeworth after a ... [more]