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This month’s happenings at Stokefire Headquarters

September – October 2011

You’re probably wondering – what happened to the weekly happenings? Well here’s the simple answer – we’re busy, VERY busy. We know – the economy sucks, so what could we possibly be so busy with? Well I can’t exactly tell you (it’s a secret), but I can tell you that we’ve been having a blast making messes, taking photos (we may have even seen a ghost or two), and smashing things with a hammer – all for a client project. Oh and our boss Tate Linden has been writing blogs like crazy, he’s a fan of Gandhi if you haven’t noticed *wink*.

We’ve also been photographing more of our work – if you didn’t see our last website update we launched all of our client work, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. We are continuing to update our pictures and results from all of our projects. There has been a lot of media going around too – we won an award for our work on the Think Harder. Concrete brand for PCA. (If you look close, you can see Tate sporting the brand above!)

Video mark-ups #3, 4, and 5 are all in the works, so you’ll be able to see them coming out very soon. We already completed our mark-up video on the Stokefire logo (#1) and the Think Harder. Concrete brand (#2), so we’re pretty darn excited to have more on the way.

We of course can’t forget about our client work either. We’re working on advertisements, logos and a whole lot of strategy. Tate has also been off on a few speaking gigs, getting people all psyched-up about brand alignment. With all this stuff going on, we’ll be putting out the Stokefire Bellows (our newsletter) very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

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We Are SO There.

Okay, maybe not quite yet, but in about a month we will be.


Nothing drastic, mind you, at least in terms of distance.  We’re moving about 15 blocks West on King Street to occupy a two story building about a block from the Old Town (King Street) Metro stop. It’s the first time we’ll be easily accessible via public transit. Something we’re pretty happy about.

The reason for the move is that we’re unable to grow in our current space. 680 Square feet just isn’t comfortable when there are seven or eight people occupying it on a regular basis. It’s been a nice problem to have, but it’s a better one to resolve.


We’re getting a 2400 square foot space.  It’s near the US Patent and Trade Office, countless law offices, many of the larger non-profits in Alexandria, a great local coffee shop, a not-too-shabby non-local coffee shop, a handful of hotels, the Masonic Temple, and some pretty good eats.

1711 Advert.png

The picture above shows our front entrance (at the left of the larger pic) with the bulk of our building located on the right side of that picture.  Note the presence of a large flight of stairs. It wouldn’t be Stokefire without it. (Even when we get our own building we still can’t enter it from the ground floor. Every Stokefire office has had at least one flight of steps to get in.)

1711 Interior.png

Here are a few shots of the interior, taken before repainting and carpeting takes place.  Lots of light, room to grow, nice dungeon/basement/alligator pit/time-out room and a pretty decent kitchen.

We’re truly excited to get moving.  Thanks to our clients past and present for allowing us to grow as you did, and for encouraging us to branch out.

And thanks to all you blog readers for attending the compulsory painting party in a couple weeks, too.

Tom Sawyer ain’t got nuthin’ on us.

(Except we think he might’ve had furniture.  Anyone got 2400 square feet worth of minimalist designer furniture laying around that we can have?)

Can You Imagine? A Place For Applied Creativity…

Ever notice that if you want to learn how to draw or paint or write poetry there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of places you can go to hone your skills for minimum investment?  Why is it that the same thing can’t be said for writing good ad copy, creating commercials, or designing logos that help convey the essence of a brand?  Sure, there are folks that might teach it in schools – but even there it seems that too often they’re just teaching a soft art.  There’s no measurement of effectiveness, no consequence for work that under performs, and no way to determine which of multiple pieces of work might be better suited to a project or worthy of merit.

That’s going to change.

I’m proud to announce my affiliation with Imagine Alexandria – currently a grassroots movement to create the world’s first center for commercial creativity.  Its location in Alexandria is a wonderful balance to the existing Torpedo Factory – a regional project that exists to encourage, support, and teach the non-commercial arts.

The facility will have features such as a creative incubator, a speaking venue, classrooms, testing labs, and a museum where judged competitions share space with exhibits that show how some of the best creative work was developed.


The final name of the facility has not been determined yet – we’ve just given the campaign a ‘handle’ so people can reference it (and write checks to it).  The name of the center – when built – will be determined through a combination of sponsorship and the traditional branding project that inevitably precedes the opening of a major design-oriented project.

So – (Shameless Plug Alert) – Please visit the website and consider donating any amount to the cause.  Those who donate a minimum of $100 are added to the online rolls and given an invite to the grassroots party – and for a little more investment can receive recognition like web links, logos, and mention on the home page of the site.  (The organization is set up as a non-profit – so the funds may be tax-deductible.  Ask your tax professional to be sure.)

Whether you’re in Alexandria or across the globe – a center such as this can benefit every company and organization in search of improved creativity.

Full disclosure:  I’m on the board of directors of Imagine Alexandria, and have personally donated to the organization.

Where Did We Put Those Change Of Address Cards?

Stokefire is leaving the Springfield Business Incubator on January 1, 2008 and moving into a great space in Old Town Alexandria. 

Reasons why we’re excited:

  • It’s Old Town, people.  What’s not to like?  (Other than the occasional flood, of course.)
  • It’s a block from The Torpedo Factory.  If we ever need creative inspiration we’ll be able to get it there.
  • It’s two blocks from the Potomac River and great people watching.
  • It’s within spittin’ distance from many of our clients.  We wouldn’t actually advocate exchanging bodily fluids, but if someone wanted to they could probably score a direct hit from their office to ours. 
  • It’s close to many of our current and future business partners
  • 650 square feet of open space, top floor, historic building, exposed brick wall, exposed beams, clean restrooms, heat & A/C control, cool landlord. 
  • More great restaurants than we can count.  Many within a block of our door. 
  • Accessible via public transit (Metro and bus)
  • A parking garage across the street.

This… and Liz gets to plan the Office Warming Party.  (One has to wonder what a company named Stokefire will do for such an event.  We were going to call it an Office Burning Party, but we didn’t think our cool landlords would bite.)

We’re comin’, Alexandria.  You have been warned.

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