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World Leader Endorses Man-Breast Solution.

A respectable cure for man-breasts?  One can only hope…

Sarah (the adoring adored wife of the Thingnamer) found a site that just begs to be ogled.  I felt an irresistible urge to check it out.  Why?  Well… What do you get when you combine a world leader with a couple extra pounds on his frame with a well tested underclothing support-system that keeps stuff from wiggling around?

The answer seemed obvious when we heard this website name.  Imagine a man-bra endorsed by someone in such a high office…  Finally men with prominent pectoral fatty deposits can feel confident again!  (If Putin can get behind this could Bush be far behind?)

Alas, it was not to be.  A quick visit to PutinCups.comdashed the dream.  Those cups are way too small to hold Putin’s… um… assets.Is there a lesson here?  Well… perhaps.  With respect to fornicating with Putin we now believe that getting to second base will not require the use of the one-handed scissor maneuver helpfully outlined by our German friend below.

Oh… and please… remember to do a parse-check before you go live with your new website name.  Else someone might infer the wrong meaning.  (Though we at Stokefire must admit this one is quite memorable…)

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