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FAIL: PETCO Thinks We’re Idiots? Yes. Yes they do.


Well, PETCO certainly doesn’t win any points for the creativity of their product name, but when it comes to the art of needlessly clarifying proper use of the product I think I’ve just witnessed perfection.

This, folks, is why I don’t hire lawyers to write copy.


NOT Coming Soon to US Markets…

Alternate title – “Oh No You Di’nt!”

Take one Russian Energy Giant, add Nigeria’s State-operated energy company… and mix vigorously.

The resulting concoction?


I. Am. Not. Kidding.


Playground Observer FAIL

It isn’t really branding or naming, but interesting nonetheless.

Tyson’s Corner (a large mall in the DC metro area) has a great play area for kids from about 18 months to perhaps 4 years.  All sorts of parents and children come here when the weather turns to have safe fun in a contained area and mix and mingle with others needing a similar environment.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been here four or five times with my wife and son when nothing else was available. 

So… we really do like it.

However, among the various things they have to climb on and jump off of are four big padded blocks, which from various sides read “PLAY” or “READ”

…or when viewed from the large picture window that separates the play area from the mall itself…



Yep.  Leer.  As in “to look sideways or obliquely, now especially with sexual desire or malicious intent.”

So anyone that walks by the window and peeks in at the children frolicking feels (subconsciously?) like a pervert.

Actually… maybe that’s not a playground fail.  Perhaps it’s a privacy win?  As it was I felt pretty guilty taking an iPhone shot that quite obviously didn’t have my own child in it. 

How does something like this happen?  How can a playground maker not have a quality control process that would pick up something as obvious as this?

Graphic Design Degree FAIL

Too good to resist.

This was sent by a frequent reader who found it over at the FAILBLOG site.  Of particular interest are the suggested methods for becoming either a Graphic Designer or a Public Relations Specialist.  Both involve some combination of bending over and/or grabbing one’s ankles.

If you are in one of these challenging career paths and aren’t as successful as you think you should be – consider stretching your “horizons”.


Hooray for Truth in Advertising!

(Yeah, this will be the last fail for awhile, unless you keep sending me such good stuff.)

Why Punctuation Matters In Advertising.

Discount FAIL.

20 Percent.jpg

Can I buy some punctuation please?
Never mind.  I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

(I snapped this with my iPhone in Shoppers Food Warehouse earlier this year.)

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