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Do as I say…

“When in doubt, attribute quotes to Anonymous.” –Unknown

Why Punctuation Matters In Advertising.

Discount FAIL.

20 Percent.jpg

Can I buy some punctuation please?
Never mind.  I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

(I snapped this with my iPhone in Shoppers Food Warehouse earlier this year.)

Can creativity be “crowd-sourced”?

The good folks at Genius Rocket and Tapatap are trying to find out.

I spent an hour fiddling with their tools last night and figured I’d see if a naming pro had a prayer when up against the masses (where the masses seem to have the vote…)

So far my skills (note the lack of “z” on the end of that word) seem to be lacking in the eyes of the horde.  (You can search Tapatap for user name “tateiam” and you’ll find the rest of my quick brainstorm.)  Feel free to pile on the negativity…

I can take it.

Here’s a quickie I did for a campaign by Mervis Diamonds that is going to run in The Onion:


Perhaps this is why we normally take three months to do a job and not 5 minutes?

Saddest. Trademark. Ever.

While doing a search for potential trademark conflicts for one of our repeat clients we came across a trademark filing that we just had to post. 

Yep.  This is the actual image filed with the US Patent and Trade Office. 

I’m not quite sure why it strikes me as so funny, but it had me going for a good minute or two. 

Things I love:

  1. The obvious haste with which the drawing was made.  As if the filer thought “THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE” and rushed to get the filing in seconds before anyone else could steal the idea.
  2. The sad appearance of the letters behind the prison bars of the box.  They’re sort of sulking back there… I feel guilty just looking at it.
  3. The complete lack of any parallel lines anywhere – and the random splotches of ink.
  4. The fact that less than a year after the idea was filed it was left abandoned.  Forever entombed in its sad little box.

One wonders if the filer felt guilty about that…

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