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Creatively Non-Creative?

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Isabella Medina

As Stokefire’s Operations Manager, and its now lone Operations Operative, I find myself with a dubious distinction:  the sole “non-creative” on the staff.  I take umbrage at that label!  UMBRAGE!  (Harrumph.)

My business card describes my role aptly and succinctly:  “I handle stuff.”  I do.  I handle bank accounts and billings and paychecks and HR details and calls and travel arrangements and calendars and contracts and supply requests and assorted other things that need handling.

It’s a support role.  I’m okay with that.  I work with an awesome team so I am happy to support them, allowing them to do what they need to do and not worry about those other pesky details.

BUT I AM CREATIVE. Not like these guys are.  Not trained, not eat-drink-sleep creative ideas, but I do have my stellar moments (IMHO) – and those moments matter to me a whole lot.  They are the stuff that makes life sweet, fun, interesting, and in a deeper sense make me feel that I-am-because-I-choose-and-I-act-and-I-see-the-results – in my own unique way.

My personal take on creativity at times slants towards whimsy: creating a tasteful garment for my paper monster, who seemed quite under-dressed (i.e. naked) for the office.  At times it moves towards MacGyver-style problem solving: rescuing the boss’s broken camera tripod with a skillful twist of a paper clip; re-sealing the half & half with a binder clip (after embarrassing myself by wrangling it all-the-way open in a fit of klutziness).  In my software development past I took pride in creating user-friendly data screens and reports – yes, designing them to be easy to read, and easy to use.  My social whimsy inspired memorable events like the first-ever Metro Western Country Fair – folks still talk about it years later!  And my homemade Queen Nefertiti costume required no explanation upon my arrival at that certain Halloween party.

But there is one thing that I believe truly qualifies me to be part of THIS particular creative team.  You’ve heard of the dreaded “Hovering Art Director,” hated by creatives everywhere?  Well, I’ve developed my own twist:  I’ve become, at times, the “Hovering Operations Manager.”  I can’t help myself.  My co-workers do some truly cool stuff.  Now and then I like to see what’s going on.  After all, all that stuff I handle only matters to the extent that the team as a whole keeps doing cool stuff – stuff that keeps us working, and keeps our clients happy.

Okay – that being said, I will now put away my umbrage and go peacefully back to handling stuff in my Operations corner.  I promise not to get all bent out of shape when folks refer to me as “non-creative”.  Just don’t be too surprised when I occasionally come up with a cool idea of my own.



Celebrating another compleanno in the office…

May is a busy month for birthdays here at the Stokefire headquarters and today we celebrated our Operations Manager Isabella‘s birthday….and she sure was surprised when the chief himself called in from Orlando, where he just finished a speaking engagement…

After sneaking around all morning, trying to find a lighter and brewing some fresh coffee, we surprised her with some afternoon treats and flowers…oh and yes, of course the chicken-dance birthday card….

Now that we are all stuffed and getting back to work…we are starting to crash from that sugar-high, and that can only mean one thing: may have to try to do that chicken dance after all…

Happy Birthday Isabella…

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