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September 12, 2006 | Tate Linden

We at Stokefire HQ often wonder about the many associations in our area. All of them are doing their best to represent their constituencies - but so few of them are doing one easy thing that could help them spread the word. Instead of telling people who they represent they hide their allegiance in a jumble of letters.

If the MLA knocks on your door would you know who they're representing? We wouldn't either. And the same goes for ICRA, FAB, and until today, the ECCA.


Because they've realized that they were missing a key part of their representation - the communication of who they represent.

The European Cable Communications Association has undertaken a rebranding process with a new name, Cable Europe, as well as a new corporate identity.

The association reflects the interests of cable-TVoperators in Europe. “The new name and logo will help us to better deliver our story,” said the organization’s managing director, Caroline Van Weede.

Associations have no reason to get cute or obfuscatory with their names. Anything that gets between them and the people they're trying to help should be removed. So we applaud the newly coined Cable Europe (change not yet made on link) for getting out of its own way. When Cable Europe knocks on our door we'll know what they do, and we'll kindly inform them that they're not in Europe anymore.

It is so rare for an association to step away from the letter jumble used by just about everyone else. Let's hear it for more common-sense naming of associations. And let it be known that we'll be truly peeved if they start calling themselves "CE". We're keeping our fingers crossed, but we're not holding our breath...

Tate Linden
Principal Consultant
Stokefire Consulting Group