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July 5, 2007 | Tate Linden
It's a rare day that we get to offer our blog readers something more than just information.

Today is a rare day. Stokefire's Southern retreat in OBX (North Carolina) just finished renovations and we didn't schedule anything there for the next three weeks on the off chance the work wasn't finished in time. The property is located in Corolla Light in the outer banks. Sleeps ten, has space for seventeen eaters (more if you eat on the couch), less than two minute walk to the beach, small shopping area, and the local private clubhouse (access is included.)

While we typically only discount for business partners (and we offer a week's stay to clients engaging in major contracts) we're opening up the discount for the next few weeks to anyone that's interested in staying at our little corporate playground. So - if you're interested in staying here just tell 'em that Tate sent you and they'll agree to the discount.

Naming Content:

There appear to be some hard and fast rules when naming a resort home. You can pick:
  • A name that has a deep emotional connection with the owners (Alma mater, a child, parent, pet, etc.)
  • A name that describes the experience or atmosphere (Refreshing Breeze, Ocean's Friend, Beachcomber, etc.)
  • A name that is cute or a pun (Beez Neez, Noah's Arf, Ocean's Ten, or Prow'd Mary)
Why did we name our property Prow'd Mary? Because it's a prow front home that isn't within view of the ocean (thus giving us a reason to name it after the view.) There are three homes between us and the ocean and we didn't feel as though "Fourth In Line" or "Awaiting 300 Feet of Erosion" were really appropriate for the area. The place is a prow-front home (looks like the front of a ship) and it's the major feature of the building. We were shocked when the first name we thought of wasn't taken (given the enormous number of prow-fronts in the area) and since we happen to really like the homonymic song by John Fogerty it just felt right.

And as an extra bonus, there's a mondegreen in the song that has been interpreted as:
  • "pumped a lot of pain"
  • "pumped a lot of 'pane" (as in propane)
  • "pumped a lot of of 'tane" (as in octane)
So the name of the home and the line in the song are both a little difficult to get right. (Thankfully, people don't look for our resort property by trying to spell it.) Can't say that we meant the name to be a lesson in naming, but we takes what we can gets.

We wanted fun, we wanted memorable, we wanted not to offend our neighbors.

Check, check, and check.


(Should we have done a contest?)