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October 22, 2007 | Tate Linden
The Stokefire team has been focused on pushing through two RFP responses and one RFQ response for some pretty cool naming projects over the last two weeks. We know we're not pullin' our weight on the blog (especially since we missed an easy joke by Jeffry last week that we only today figured out...) but we're gonna try to get back to it.

Pretty amazing that our 'lil shop is getting invited to play against the big boys. And girls. Mostly we're getting sub work - where a major firm goes after a contract and gives us the naming piece so they can focus on adding to their stable of logos, promotions, and advertisements. There's still no serious venue for naming awards, so there's little recognition for the firm that develops the name. Maybe that's why folks are so willing to give us work.

You might think it's thankless, but it isn't. We just got a note from the executive director of an association we just named. Three months to rename a 20 year old organization. He signed off the note with two (TWO!!) exclamations after the name of the organization. Seems that our thanks come direct from the source rather than a jury.

And our partners seem to like it. Everyone we've partnered with has invited us back for more opportunities. It has us thinkin' we're pretty good. It took a comment from one of our spouses to make us think otherwise.

The comment: "Maybe you're just way under-priced."

Damn. Time for more competitive research. (Wonder how I can casually ask Nancy, Marc, Mark, Andrea, Susan, and the other San Francisco Namers without them catching on... I'm sure I'll think of something.
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