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August 2, 2007 | Tate Linden
It's getting pretty crowded in here, ain't it?

Athol Foden - head namer over at the descriptively-named Brighter Naming - has started up the Name Awards blog.

While I haven't yet figured out what the Name Awards have to do with the content on the blog, it is obvious that Mr. Foden has considerable experience he brings to the table. His opinions are interesting even if they're often on the opposite side of issues from the opinions we (or more accurately "I", in this case) hold. (I wasn't immediately attracted to the name Alinghi and am not a big fan of Blu-Ray.)

Side note - Stokefire was named during the "blue craze" that is still echoing on today. In fact, Bluebulb was one of the early concepts we came up with. We ditched it because it wasn't deep and felt like a "me too!" response to the naming environment.

Mr. Foden is asking interesting and unusual questions - such as how you would market the Osama brand in light of recent world events, and how Adam and Eve got their names. (We think we might know a guy who could help with that last one. But he hasn't talked for a while...)

Welcome to the conversation Mr. Foden. Looking forward to getting to know you through your words...