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The Values Workshop... Workshop

For mission-driven organizations and their leaders.

Sixteen years in the making!

Our award-winning strategist - Tate Linden - shares his proprietary methods used to serve clients like Google, Meals on Wheels America, BambooHR, and DARPA. 

Tate will teach you how to lead your organization through
developing or refining solid organizational values that establish the structural integrity and increased capacity necessary to dependably achieve your organization's mission. 

What is it?

Stokefire's Values Workshop is a 3hr live online event.

Emerge with the step-by-step process that you'll use to design, implement, and sustain organizational values that can:

  • Engage and retain your employees.

  • Make every employee, client, and stakeholder an integral part of something meaningfully good.

  • Tangibly move your organization towards mission fulfillment and beyond.


  • Help you attract top talent.

  • Lay the groundwork for a healthy organizational culture.

  • Improve market visibility and brand impact.

  • Positively impact safety, innovation, compliance, DEI, and other key performance targets.


What you'll learn

Why most traditional values development and selection processes don’t work, and how you can avoid falling into their traps.

The three questions you should ask everyone at your organization before you have your first values development workshop.


How to gain the organizational support necessary for a values development project.


Why transparency is critical, and how to keep your entire organization informed, engaged, and supportive throughout the values development process and beyond.


Three methods for quick and effective development of viable organizational values for consideration.


How to identify the right values from amongst your candidate lists.


How to test if your proposed values can provide the structural integrity necessary to achieve your organization’s mission.


How to effectively launch your values within and across your entire organization.


How to measure the tangible impact of your organization’s new values.

When to review and re-commit to your values.

How do I get signed up?

If you are ready to learn how to lead your organization through a values development or refinement process, you'll want to reserve your spot on the waitlist for the next workshop.

Just 1/4 of American employees strongly agree

that they can apply their organization's values to their work every day. (Gallup, 2018)


In reality, 100% of your employees can and should understand how your values move your mission forward and how to apply each of your values to their daily work.


Every value moves your organization in a direction.


That direction should be aligned with your mission and should be shared by every employee!


This workshop is step-one in bringing that alignment to your organization.


Want all the benefits of a customized workshop without needing to learn how to run it yourself?

We do that, too!

Our Values Workshop for individual mission-driven organizations is a 2-day intensive off-site event with your executives and key leaders.

Contact us to get answers to your questions about bringing this workshop to your organization in 2023!

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