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Concrete Bridge

Structural integrity for organizations & their humans

Capacity-building solutions for mission-driven leaders and teams.

About Us

Structural Integrity Matters

It's the foundation for lasting personal and organizational success.


The problem? No one has been able to meaningfully define or consistently build it.

Complicating matters? Integrity is basically invisible.

Until now.

Linden's Integrity Lens - developed by one of Stokefire's founders - makes the structural integrity of organizations and leaders visible, so that potential misalignments can be effectively addressed or entirely avoided.


In early 2023, after 16 years of development, iteration, and implementation as an exclusive internal resource, we're excited to make Linden's Integrity Lens directly accessible to mission-driven organizations and leaders.


Think you or your organization could do with a peek through the Lens? We'd love to share it with you. 

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Britni Eisenmann

Founding Principal

Britni is an organizational development consultant with an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Her specialties include change management, customized system design and implementation, and community building.

Britni's background includes nonprofit leadership, and employee retention strategy. She brings order and directionality to great, complex ideas, and solves problems for the long-run by identifying root causes instead of only solving symptoms.

Tate Linden


Tate is the creator of Linden's Integrity Lens - the groundbreaking sociological theory and tool-set that he began developing in 2008 while leading his award-winning branding and advertising agency. His work is credited with creating billions in new funding for clients like Google, DARPA, Meals On Wheels America, and the entire North American concrete industry.

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