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Values Development & Integration

Most organizations already have a set of values. We know this because we see those values printed on business cards posted on the office walls, and featured in advertising. Unfortunately, that's often where values implementation often ends. The result? A 'values facade' that alienates employees, angers clients, and discourages investors.

Our process relies on Linden's Integrity Lens combined with established best practices to create a value set that's mission-aligned, self-sustaining, and can be integrated throughout every department and role in the organization. The result? Improved employee loyalty and engagement, repeat clients, and investor interest.

When is the Right Time?

If the Right Time is Now?

Josh Gibson | Executive Director | Non-profit

“I've never worked with another organization like Stokefire, and now I don't think I ever can, because they were so phenomenal and have now wrecked it for any of their future competitors.”
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