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Critical Retention Assessment

Identify your turnover's root cause so that you build exactly what you need to keep more employees.

For the leader who knows the value of their greatest asset, their people, and wants give them what they need to stay and thrive.

According to SHRM, the full cost of replacing an employee can be 200% of their annual salary.

Turnover of just twenty entry-level employees can cost you upwards of a million dollars annually.

But that's not even your company's greatest liability from turnover. Your greatest liability is your lost ability to achieve your mission... the very reason you exist.

That's why we developed a process that gives your team clarity on your hidden retention risks and strengths, how you got where you are today, and how to move forward with improved employee retention.

Retention Assessment Details

The process

Project Onboarding

We spend a half day with up to five key stakeholders virtually or in person, during which we lock in the schedule, collect any printed materials (handbooks, SOPs, etc.), review our process, and begin to customize our assessment to suit your needs.


Assessment and Validation

Our Assessment takes approximately 20 minutes for each of your employees or stakeholders to complete. It's administered via our online survey tool, and employee anonymity is protected. We recommend an eight-day window for completion. Once closed, we meet regularly to discuss preliminary findings with your stakeholder team, ensuring that we understand the data and the stories behind it. We may perform on-site walk-throughs, in-person interviews, or other follow-up activities to gain further context.


Findings Delivery

We spend a day with you stakeholder team, presenting the identified root causes of your existing and potential turnover challenges, and provide actionable recommendations for addressing each of them. The report is highly detailed, backed by your real-world data and our 40+ years of organizational integrity expertise, and is targeted to the size and scale of your company.

You leave understanding which next step is the right strategy for your organization.


Project Length

We can get you through in less than fifty working days.


Depending on the complexity of your operations, your responsiveness, and few other factors, this project can be completed in as little as six weeks.


Post-Finding Solutions

Following the Findings Delivery and your team's awareness of the most effective solution, you may want to retain an expert to build that solution with you.

If your needs falls into Stokefire's expertise, we are happy to help. Otherwise, we may be able to refer you to one of our many partners across the globe.



Our 2024 rate for small to medium-sized businesses is equal to SHRM's estimated top-end cost of a single lost employee.


If we're able to help you retain just one more employee, you've made back your investment.


We are booked through Q1 of 2024 but have one slot left for Q2 and are booking for the rest of the year. We'd love to get your retention locked down so you can better secure your mission's future!

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